Walkways of Barrinha de Esmoriz/Lagoa de Paramos

Right next to our Guesthouse you can visit the Barrinha de Esmoriz / Lagoa de Paramos. It is a protected area of nearly 400 hectares, the main element of which is a coastal lagoon and is classified as a Site of Community Importance and integrated into the Natura 2000 Network.

Take the opportunity to walk or cycle on the Passages of Esmoriz, on a route of about 8 km and enjoy a fantastic natural landscape.

Buçaquinho Environmental Park

A 15-minute walk from Cork Train Station is the Buçaquinho Environmental Park, between Esmoriz and Cortegaça. In this park you can stroll, ride a bicycle or have fun discovering the species of fauna and flora. Here ducks, frogs, woodpeckers and eagles, but also foxes, gymnasts and jays, share the habitat expanded by six ponds.

There are 24 hectares in length with beaten earth or wooden trails, which won the Green Project Awards in 2016 in the category of “Sustainable Cities”.

Museu de Lamas /Cork Museum

Historically, this museum space located in the parish of Santa Maria de Lamas, popularly called the Cork Museum, was classified and built in the 50’s. XX by its founder, the industrialist Henrique Alves Amorim (1902-1977), as his “Domus Áurea, archive of fragments of Art”.

This Museum is one of the partners of the Cork Train Station and is located 15 minutes by car from our Guesthouse.

Cooperage Josafer

Cooperage Josafer The manufacture of barrels is a traditional art in Esmoriz, which is considered the Portuguese capital of cooperage. With roots in the beginning of the century. XX, Josafer is one of the leaders in the manufacture and repair of barrels and due to its particularity and history is integrated in the Municipal Museum Network of the municipality of Ovar.

If you are curious about the history and manufacturing process of the barrels, you can book a visit to Josafer located 3 minutes walk from Cork Train Station.

Coastal Ecovia

The coastal Ecovia is about 12 km long and extends from Silvalde to Lagoa de Paramos / Barrinha de Esmoriz. It is possible to make your journey on foot or by bicycle and contemplate the various beaches on your way, urban and popular environments, such as the neighborhoods and scenes of the fishermen’s life. If you are lucky you will be able to see these men in their work or the fishing gear resting in the sun waiting for the next return to the sea.

Barrinha Beach

Praia da Barrinha is the main beach of Esmoriz and is located very close to our Guesthouse. It has an extensive sandy beach that runs along a long beach area and one of its signature images is the surrounding fence parallel to the wooden walkways that lead us to the sea. It has good beach supports, from which the typical canvas stalls stand out. shelter bathers on windier days.

The other nearest beaches are Paramos and Cortegaça.


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